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Re: DWARF BAND 1º Wave

Citizen Sade wrote:Official hired swords can be found in the Mordheim rulebook, the Mordheim Annual and the Empire in Flames supplement. I’d stick to the rulebook ones myself. Skip the Elf Ranger though as the Dwarfs won’t hire him.

One of the chaps from Tom’s Boring Mordheim Forum has all the pdfs on his SkyDrive here

Great, thanks!

Just John wrote:These are fantastic! Looking forward to seeing more in the future

Well, I did these concepts for the next figures I wanted to do:


Although I am not sure about the Engineer. Probably an arabic one would be more interesting. With a fine detailed crossbow... I am not sure.

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Re: DWARF BAND 1º Wave

Awesome work!

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Re: DWARF BAND 1º Wave

Thanks! Caster told me he might be sending the metal copies at the end of this week or at the beginning of the next one, so, if you are interested, don't forget to send me a PM ;]

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