Post Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:50 am

Factious Waste booklets from BOYL 15

Hi there! Those of you who got the free Factious Waste roleplay skirmish booklet I was giving out at BOYL may want to adjust the profile for an Automatic Weapon in the equipment list... otherwise it's VERY overkill! The stats there came from an earlier edition, it should read:

Automatic: May fire any number of shots in one burst up to magazine total. Impact= shots fired, Powder, magazine 8, Menace +2, 6 Stamina to reload, Cost 12

Additionally, this weapon now works slightly differently, hitting for a damage of 1 per shot and knocking the target backwards 1" with each shot. So if you fired four shots in one burst the target model would be knocked back 4" and receive 4 damage. If, however, any of those knock backs put the model out of range it takes no further damage and any shots left miss. So in the above example, if the target model was only in range by 2" the first two shots would hit, inflicting 2 damage and moving the target model back 2", the last 2 shots would miss and are wasted as the target is now out of range.

Incidentally, if you didn't get a booklet and would like on let me know. :)