Oldhammer AHOY!

Everything related to Bring Out Your Lead 2015, at Wargames Foundry in Nottingham

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Re: Oldhammer AHOY!

Don't you worry - I'm crackin' at the seams! :lol:

Those ships look great all together Fimm but I think the Slannesh ship needs more cheese and pineapple chunks ;)
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Re: Oldhammer AHOY!

*Snap!* Black Leviathan is taking a sun bath (well, a 10 minute sunbath until the rain starts again) to get the varnish dry.
Black Leviathan
Yes, i know that it is green, but black did not look good enough.
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Re: Oldhammer AHOY!

He's really great, I think the green was a good decision and I love the sea base. In an odd way hope I get to fight it!

My six year old son has been building an Orthocone (he's prehistoric animal mad) to fight my ship and he wants me to bring it for the game. If before or after the game some of you wonderful gentlemen would allow me to photograph your beautiful ships being attacked by a glitter covered card and pipecleaner orthocone you would have a very greatful friend in me and I woudl have a very happy six year old. :D
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Re: Oldhammer AHOY!

Like Harry tends to state from time to time "Bring it on!".
But tell your son that - although an orthocone is a nice start - a proper venture into the world of prehistoric seamonsters is a giant Anomacaris or an opabinia.
If possible, go for the weird! :D
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Re: Oldhammer AHOY!

A massive thanks to Harry and Chris for all the heard work put into the day, I had a great time building, painting and then sailing the high seas with my spectre-barque!
Paul / Lornalim

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Re: Oldhammer AHOY!

Great report Fimm!

Thanks for playing everyone!

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