Forenrond's Last Stand

Everything related to Bring Out Your Lead 2015, at Wargames Foundry in Nottingham

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Re: Forenrond's Last Stand

I'm afraid I'm slightly double-booked. I'm in the Rogue Trader vs Fallout game that's in from 1-5pm, so depending on how long I survive in that I might be no good to you. I'm keen to play in this as well if at all possible, but don't what to cause holdups in the running of the game.

Probably best that I let you know on the day how things are looking?

Sorry to be a pain. I'd assumed this had moved to Friday, so was concentrating on little post-apoc people... :(

Paul / Grumdril
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Re: Forenrond's Last Stand

S'okay. We're not oversubscribed so we can play it by ear. Shouldn't need 3 hours so if we start a little late and/or finish a little later that's not a big problem. :)
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Re: Forenrond's Last Stand

Fimm McCool wrote:Hey chaps. Just a heads up the timetable has this at 3-6pm on the Saturday, that still Ok for you guys?

Certainly is

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