5th Annual Golden Gobbo Awards (2019)

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5th Annual Golden Gobbo Awards (2019)

As the sun sets on BOYL 2019 it's time to announce the next annual Golden Gobbos painting competition!

You have until November 1st to post your entry in this thread.

Rules (such as they are) below:

There is no theme or limit on the model you can pick, but the model must be a single fantasy or sci-fi figure (additional 'decorative' figures such as snotlings, nurglings and giant's victims are allowed) of "28mm" scale.
Remember people will be judging on Oldhammeriness so bear that in mind when choosing a subject.
One entry per member please.
The model should be based for gaming. You can put this on a display stand, but keep any decoration to the base itself.
Your model should be something freshly painted, preferably for the contest, rather than something you already have done.
You will need to supply 2-4 photos of the model against a plain background. These should show it from different angles to give the viewer an all-round view of the model.
You may supply 2 photos of the model in a scenic setting and a paragraph of no more than 100 words giving the background of the character if you wish.
Photos may be posted on this thread, we trust everyone likes everyone else enough that this will not descend into a 'popularity contest'. WIP photos here and in other areas of the forum are also welcome as an incentive to other entrants.

A separate thread will be posted on November 4th with a poll for voting. Each member will get one vote.
Voting will close at midnight on November 29th and the winner will be announced on December 2nd.
There will be a trophy and a prize for the winner, aside from the usual forum appreciation of course!

Let brushing commence!
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Post Wed Aug 07, 2019 7:43 pm

Re: 5th Annual Golden Gobbo Awards (2019)

Yay! 'Er we go! :)
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Re: 5th Annual Golden Gobbo Awards (2019)

Is anyone working on anything yet?

On my side I have dug up an old beast of Slaanesh that I had primed black and let in its box for a decade!
Only detail, I will need to reassemble it because my green stuff standards have evolved since that time… And I had messed it up big time
Et à ce j'ajouterai, santé!

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Post Fri Sep 06, 2019 9:24 am

Re: 5th Annual Golden Gobbo Awards (2019)

I have a dark elf in Dettol that I may paint up for it. That reminds me, I need to do the 2 months to go reminder...

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Re: 5th Annual Golden Gobbo Awards (2019)

I’m in. I’ll start posting in the WIP forum now.

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Re: 5th Annual Golden Gobbo Awards (2019)

The mini I'll put forward is currently enjoying a couple of days in the Dettol spa. No idea what he is other than he was the oldest looking dwarf in a bag of dwarfs which I started my army with almost 30 years ago. Looking forward to seeing what is under that old paint!!
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Re: 5th Annual Golden Gobbo Awards (2019)

I've been off the forum for a bit, so I'll dig through my models and see what I've got. I've been doing loads for Necromunda and other gaming systems, so I can easily add another to that group. :D

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