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Re: eBay Bargains, Deals, etc.

OldManPaints wrote:Interesting that this thread has risen up again. I personally and royally P-doff with ebay. it's the prices.

Call me naive buy I think we old hammerers should keep the prices down. I was looking at some Ogres the other day. they were on for 99p. starting bid....they went for £10. Ten quid per miniature is unacceptable in my opinion.

Auctions I don't mind. Anything is worth what people are willing to pay for it, so if something is bid up to £10 or more, that's by definition what it's worth. I'd happily pay £10 or more for a decent Jes Goodwin Ogre.

What is utter bullshit are items with insane Buy It Now prices that sit there and never sell. They're what's causing actual damage to the resale market as people with these old models sat in a drawer think "wow, these models are worth £30 each!" and can't be dissuaded from that outlook. I used to do a lot of buying up collections and reselling what I didn't want to fund my collection. Unless something was incredibly rare, I'd start everything at 99p and it all found it's own value.

I've really given up reselling these days though as too many people see the BIN prices on eBay and want that per figure. If they assume £20 a model for a £2 figure, there's literally no bargaining position that you can work from.

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Re: eBay Bargains, Deals, etc.

Comically priced "Oi Dat's My Leg" https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333509898618 that's just silly £125 BIN :lol:

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