A thank you thread

Everything related to Bring Out Your Lead 2014, at Wargames Foundry in Nottingham

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A thank you thread

I need to put some other thanks into some of the other threads related to particular games, but also wanted to add this in where it wouldn't get lost amongst the pictures of thousands of figures :)

  • Thank you for all the behind the scenes organising that got us from the discussions back in November about when might be a good date for this to me driving vaguely into East Stoke and seeing signs pointing to Oldhammer
  • Thank you to the incredibly helpful Foundry staff for finding stuff wherever they keep their stock that's not on display. "I need some round shields about this size, but not like this or this" ... "How about these or these or these? How many would you like?". Surely the most effort per size of sale ever. OK, so I bought a bunch of other stuff towards the end as well, but they weren't to know that.
  • Thank you for the very reasonably priced food and drinks, especially the curry :)
  • Thank you for offering and bringing extra lighting when our very atmospheric stable setting for our Sunday game was afflicted by gloom (but by no means darkness) during the bucketing rain on Sunday

Great event, great venue, thank you very much one and all.

Paul / Grumdril
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Re: A thank you thread

Well said Paul,

I think all of those who attended came away thinking the very same thing. :D :D :D

Paul / Golgfag1
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Re: A thank you thread

A very noble thing and glad to see it happening.

I've written my thanks here:

http://warhammerforadults.blogspot.co.u ... itude.html


Always interested in contacting any gamers interested in Warhammer Fantasy 3rd Edition!
Also interested in any old 80's Citadel figures you may want to get rid of.

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Re: A thank you thread

Ditto above comments/sentiments :)

Having only recently joined the forum and attending as an observer on Saturday I'd certainly say a HUGE Thank You to ALL who made this event such an enjoyable and memorable experience.

I watched, listened, talked, questioned, admired and more; even though I didn't know any of the other Oldhammerers at no point was I made to feel anything other than welcome and a part of the whole.

Hopefully the countdown is on to BOYL '15 so I'm planning to read my new (to me) WHFB 3rd Ed rules and have some figures of some description ready to bring next time so that I can participate more fully in the fun :D

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