Anyone for a quiet Sunday morning game?

Everything related to Bring Out Your Lead 2014, at Wargames Foundry in Nottingham

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Re: Anyone for a quiet Sunday morning game?

Just wanted to thank you all for a very enjoyable game on Sunday, and post up a few (slightly grainy) photos. I'm not quite sure of the brothers' prospects for a long career, but their business seemed to get off to a mostly successful start.

Nico - this time next year we'll all be millionaires!

Just before the fight...

The end (sort of - marginally in the balance after 5½ hours, but I'm pretty sure the undead had the upper hand)

I'll post up the rest once I've done some minimal cropping to minimise the file size - I didn't want to shrink them in resolution in case you wanted to see any details for writing reports or whatever.

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Re: Anyone for a quiet Sunday morning game?

The final picture doesn't seem to be loading for me but not to worry as in my mind it was a resounding and glorious victory for the forces of chaos! Long will it be celebrated through saga, song and the medium of interpretive dance :)

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