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Everything related to Bring Out Your Lead 2014, at Wargames Foundry in Nottingham

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Re: Painting Contest

HI chaps

I was trying to get hold of Marcus today and ended up getting Bryan instead. We had a good chat about the weekend plans and the painting contest and it sounded like he had expected even more categories. The categories posted above are intentionally vague because I'm not expecting so many entries and I don't want people to be disqualified before they've even started because they don't fit the categories.

But, Bryan basically pointed out that everyone will have a single infantry type of figure. That is sort of covered in the 'small' category, but he suggested that if you have a lot of a specific type (say, orcs) then we could even have a sub-category or two, to allow the other less-common ones a fairer chance (and ultimately, more prizes). So, I'd expect an ad-hoc category or two to appear on the day.

The same might happen if we have a sudden surge of tanks or monsters.

There was also a suggestion of having a Foundry sub-category - I'm not sure how much mileage that would have this year, but its worth remembering for next year. I suppose once they've started selling their fantasy ranges in an easy to get sort of way, that would help those categories, but if you have some Foundry figures, you could put those forward too, I suppose.

As an aside, he also mentioned that Kev Adams would be there and that he would most likely be showing off some of the new greens he's been working on. I wonder if they'll coax him into judging?


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Also interested in any old 80's Citadel figures you may want to get rid of.
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Re: Painting Contest

Sounds great - I like the idea of having a rummage through the stuff you've brought to find a likely candidate to enter in various categories.

I can just see Kev wandering amongst the tables dishing out rosettes for best in show :lol:
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Re: Painting Contest

Amazing news on many fronts, but especially that Kev Adams may well be there and may be judging. I have to complete at least one of his Gobbos before the Oldhammer day....

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In Dreamfish we trust

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Re: Painting Contest

We should have a Foundry Catagory. That would be a nice nod to our hosts.
We should also have a Kev Adams catagory ... Just because we should. :D
(Any Goblin from any manufacturer, any range, from his long and varied contribution to goblin kind).

I think there were only 3 entries last time .... I think folks worry about painting competitions because the standard is so flippin stupid high in the Golden Demon and on Cool mini etc ... But it wasn't always and that is not who we are or what we are all about. Back in days of Oldhammer it was just painted ... none of this wet blending stuff. Bit of dry brushing here and there but you were lucky if it even had a wash. I think we should just encourage everyone there to just pull a mini or a regiment from their box of toys and drop it on the table. Just so we can all enjoy them.

... and I think prizes should be given not for the best painting but for those minis that, like old friends, remind us of happier and simpler times. (regardless of the standard of painting).
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Re: Painting Contest

I've seen those new greens of Kev's and they are simply awesome. Given how enthusiastic he and Bryan are about them I suspect that they'll be on display at some point.
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Re: Painting Contest

Sounds fun, and I'm already getting a geeky thrill at the idea of meeting both the Mighty Avenging Lord of Chaos, and the Goblinmaster :ugeek:
Plus, several of my figures I'm bringing are Foundry re-releases of the old Feudal range so I can at least increase the quantity (if not the quality) of the entries :lol:

EDIT - oh, and I could pop a couple of KA's goblins from Crooked Claw into my case as well, cool!

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