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Hi chaps

By now I'm sure you've gathered that I had finalising chat with Marcus. One of the things he suggested is that I poll the community to see what type of beer (or other alcohol) you chaps wanted them to sell.

For perspective, last year they had Peroni, Magners (a cider) and as best I recall, one of the heavier beers too).

Now I know that this is a pandora's box that can only lead to full on debates of what constitutes an oldhammer beer, but bear in mind that I'll be looking to put forward the names that are mentioned the most. I'd imagine that a good way to eliminate any outliers would be this - if you've never seen it at a wedding, then you're not likely to get it at Foundry.

So, what'll it be?


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In Dreamfish we trust

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Re: Drinks

Well I like a nice drop of "Owd Bastard" myself. :D
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Re: Drinks

My mate runs Scotlands only Cider brewery, I'm sure he'd supply us with a large amount of booze on sale or return :D
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Re: Drinks

My preference? A decent ale, porter, or IPA would be nice, although probably lighter rather than heavier for a summer daytime. Something that would normally be served from a proper hand-pumped tap at a CAMRA pub, basically. Thanks for asking!
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Re: Drinks

Just because you're asking I vote for Innes and Gunn.
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Re: Drinks

Jagermeisters a beer right?... right? hehe

Is it bottled beer/cider only? or have the gone and got a beer pump fitted? But I like some Somersby ider or Pigs Ass Porter (Yes It's real)

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Re: Drinks

Well if your asking, Zlatý Bažant (Golden Pheasant)


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Re: Drinks


...and more ale!
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Re: Drinks

But no widgets!

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They're pretty common in 500ml bottles.

Of course if you're not bothered about finishing your game there's always old Pelucliar... :mrgreen:

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