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[BOYL14]: Judge Dredd Scenario

Right Scenario and Fluff:

(Note this isn't Judge Dredd/2000 AD cannon, but rather based upon what could of happened after the Destinys Angels story arc)

The Judge Child watched as the ships fired and in his last moments thought to himself he'll still have his revenge upon Dredd but it'll take place in a alternative universe


Scenario: The Judge Child's Revenge

Rules: Necromunda 2.0

Setting: Citi-Block ''Axle Rose Heights'' Alternative universe 17b

Forces used:

The Good Guys: Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson, Judge Chico, Judge Giant, Judge Hersey, Citi-Def, Riot Judges Plus other Street Judges.

The Bad Guys: The Angel Gang, The Judge Child, The extended Angel Family (Perps and Muties)

The Layout: The 5 named Judges have been called out to stop a Block War between Axle Rose Heights & Elton John Towers. The 5 named Judge's deploy in the centre of the board along with Citi Def Troopers which have been forced to help. The Angel Gang and extended Family (Under the control of the Judge Child)will deploy no closer then 18" to a Judge or Citi Def but anywhere on the table representing a ambush.

Special Rules: At the start of turn 3 the Riot Judges, Street Judges and Judges on Lawmasters will start turning to reinforce the embattled named Judges

Victory Conditions: Once all 5 named Judges or the Judge Child are reduced to their final wound the game ends.

Any thoughts?