BOYL The Engines of Avalone Siege game

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Re: BOYL The Engines of Avalone Siege game

You could have a 4 front siege with one being shoreline. :)
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Re: BOYL The Engines of Avalone Siege game

Thantsants wrote:
Well battering rams are like buses - you wait ages for one and all that :lol:

A more manageable siege game would be great at some point - would love to get in to the whole strategic time thing.

Got all my bits for Warhammer Ahoy so like Paul says it's full steam ahead on that one at the moment.

Just gone through the bag of tricks - now have two covered battering rams, 5 ladders, 5 battering rams, 2 rock droppers, 2 cauldrons of oil, 2 rock swings, 2 wheel barrows plus various buckets barrels and braziers, happy bunny

As for Warhammer Ahoy just finished painting my family coat of arms on the main sail - looks good, even if I do say so myself; will post pictures in due course.

The world continues to turn 8-)

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