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Re: BOYL 2014 - 'EVent' Game Proposals

OK, so to continue the preparation for BOYL 2014, the Grumdil & I gave Get to the other side a run out yesterday & generally all appeared to work - we first tried sending a thousand points down the table and over fifty percent of the force made it to the other end of the table; ah, should have said that was just re-acting to the automatic activations (step on a mine it goes bang!) :lol: :lol: :lol: ; so we then tried the auto activations and the movement activations together - only this time only about ten orcs from the initial expedition made it - general consensus - If the idea is to stop players getting to the otherside of the table, the scenario worked well, if the idea was to work with multiple players the forces should be smaller & the activation less harsh - however, given that the initial activations were brutal and the later ones less so the conclusion was to give player less points to encourage them to work together rather than kick the proverbial out of one another ;) ;) ;) .

Therefore, if any of you are seriously thinking of giving this one ago during BOYL, I suggest you follow the next posts as they may hep you.

Below, you will find a series of picture and comment , which I'm sure Grumdil will comment in due course.

First run out 001.jpg
Grumdil takes his first steps down the table
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First run out 002.jpg
As his troops pass over the crest to the hill they find their way blocked by a group of Trolls who immediately attack the Minotaurs routing them and the orcs following in their wake as they panicked at the sight of their larger brothers in arms taking such a mauling.
First run out 002.jpg (238.31 KiB) Viewed 388 times

First run out 003.jpg
The following turn the troll found them selves blown to the ground by a spell from the wizard accompanying Grumdils force, this allowed the other members of the party to maneuver into a position to attack/avoid the Trolls! Unfortunately these moves activated other forces and thus the boar riders suffered a hail of poisonous darts!
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First run out 004.jpg
View from ground level!
First run out 004.jpg (238.2 KiB) Viewed 388 times

First run out 005.jpg
The boar riders saw off the Slann skirmishers and made their way down the valley passed the wise-mans hovel, without too many losses.
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First run out 006.jpg
The remains of the force moved ahead of the wolf riders, making steady progress to the end of the table; unfortunately, quite a lot then happened which I don't have pictures of, sorry! (Also it might give you too many clues?).
First run out 006.jpg (232.81 KiB) Viewed 388 times

Hope to see you there

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