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New stuff!

Author: Ace
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Post: New stuff!

Hi guys, just a short post to show off some new projects for this month!

First up, a collection of 'Bones' figures from Reaper.

The lovely lady on the left is hopefully going to end up as a (much cheaper) version of 'The Red Lioness' to be used in games of Hybrid. The Rackham original is a fantastic sculpt that, unfortunately, my budget does not stretch to!
I'm hoping to paint her up to do justice to this rather incredible bit of artwork by Mr Paul Bonner =)

What I would give to paint like this...

The other two figures will be painted up to be used in RoC and suchlike. The middle mini has a good Dark Elf boss type feel going on, so we'll play on that =)
 I really like the far right figure - very mysterious and sneaky - might try some OSL painting on him!

Also on the butcher's block are the three amigo's. I started making these guys up a while back as RT Ice Planet PDF types. I think I was reading something vaguely Napoleonic at the time and wanted to try and sculpt some 'Busby' style head wear on them.

Not too bad so far, we'll see where they end up =)

Next time - some Goliaths, a scratch built vehicle for my Tiger Claws marines and with any luck, some completed Reaper minis!

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