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Is this the worst eBay packaging you've had?

Author: Foxhound
Blog: Modelhammer - Spirit of '96
Post: Is this the worst eBay packaging you've had?

So every now and then eBay still yields a bargain.  A couple of weeks ago, this was mine.

Now obviously for that price you don't expect perfect.  It was an incomplete set, containing a good number of the Orks and Gretchin (more plastic for my monopose horde), most of the scenery and the Scenarios and Painting Booklets together with the vehicle cards and tokens.  

As early readers of this blog will have seen I already have my own set of this box plus an excellent condition one I paid £10 for on eBay so these bits and pieces were only destined to merge with them.  

Royal Mail duly turned up while I was at work and took it back to their grim sorting office where it lay until last Saturday when my better half went in and collected it.  She messaged me to say it was wrapped "hilariously".  I wasn't sure what to expect, but it certainly wasn't this:

Yes ladies and gents, that is newspaper, that famously tough and hard wearing packaging material.  Coupled with the two small bits of tape holding my address on I suppose I'm lucky I got it at all!

The actual contents look like this, just as well the box wasn't for keeping eh!  

Have you had anything similar?  Have you had worse?  Have you SENT worse?  Do comment below and tell me.