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Space Marine Apothecaries – Rogue Trader and Primaris

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Post: Space Marine Apothecaries – Rogue Trader and Primaris

I love doctors. And I love Space Marines. Put them together, and you get Doctor Space Marines, dispensing healthcare and the Emperor’s justice across the battlefields of the 41st millennium. Here’s the 2017 Primaris Apothecary alongside his very own primogenitor – the very first Apothecary miniature Games Workshop produced back in 1987. Oh, how far miniature design has come in thirty years. The Primaris Apothcary is absolutely loaded with so much detail he crosses the line from miniature into micro-diorama. He stands over a fallen Battle Brother, having removed the progenoid glands, and every surface is festooned with details like cannisters, helix motifs, lenses and surgical tools. However, I have become obsessed with one detail – the mysterious skull strapped to his arse. During the long evenings of painting, I came up with my own backstory about who this skull belonged to… The Rogue Trader Apothecary came from Rochie of Buried Under Lead. Rochie has converted and painted up this mini already – you should check it out here. Thanks for the gift, Rochie! Patreon Painting Tutorial If you’d like to learn how to paint white exactly like this, I took super-detailed stage-by-stage photos on the Ninjabread Patreon, and have