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Inquisitor 54mm - Part III, Tobin Grimm

Author: Clarence Harrison
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Post: Inquisitor 54mm - Part III, Tobin Grimm





Tobin Grimm is Ordo Xenos and a Xanthanist Radical. This warband features more conversions, albeit mostly minor ones. The only thing I remember about the background of this group is that the black sword carried by Dara is somehow bound with Cain.

The names of the rest will begin to falter. I might dig up a few, but these first eight models were the crux of my campaign. some of them are dead - Dara was actually slain by her own sword and Matthias Roller and Goya were lost to a warp portal. It was a brutal campaign. Some of the models that follow fought with or against Tobin and Johan.

More next week...