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Outcasts - Eldar Scout Unit

Author: axiom
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Post: Outcasts - Eldar Scout Unit

Back at the start of the year I confidently predicted I'd be painting up a Rogue Trader Eldar army. That may yet prove to be the case, and perhaps my current project will help ease me into it.

I'm painting up an Eldar Scout/Ranger* force two hit two hobby outcomes. The first is to create a new force to use in games of Kill Team, the new 40k skirmish game. The second is to participate in a fun two-month challenge in one of the Facebook groups I'm a member of. The Old World Sprint Challenge challenges participants to paint at least 10 models from the system of their choice.

I'll be painting 6 standard Eldar scouts plus some conversions to represent the different troop types available in Kill Team.

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