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Author: Anthony B
Blog: The Lead Collector

This month saw my first attendance of NOVAOSGROT 2018, generously hosted by Brian Kirkell and his lovely family at their house in Maryland. NOVAOSGROT is an acronym for Northern Virginia and Other States Grand Regional Oldhammer Tournament. And in true Oldhammer fashion, there was nothing tournament-like about it. Rather, it was a mishmash of gamers getting together to play whatever games they wanted, at whatever points level they fancied with whatever rules they decided were appropriate. Now that's my idea of gaming!

There were about 10 attendees from the North Virginia-Maryland-East Coast'ish regions. I myself made the trip from central Pennsylvania, a pleasant two-and-a-half hour drive from home. I headed out on Saturday early morning and made it to Brian's house by late morning. After some socializing, I was fortunate enough to play Jeff McCaffrey's beautifully painted Wood Elf army in a 1000 point throw down against my Dark Elves. We had a great time considering that it was my first game of third edition and Jeff had to walk me through the rules. I got into Warhammer at the tail end of 4th edition/beginning of 5th edition. The most stark differences I noticed were in the way combat is resolved in third edition, including pushback. Didn't take too much getting used to, though, and it was great fun. Some shots from the key points in the battle below (sorry for the poor quality of the pictures taken with my phone camera)

My Dark Elf Lord, Battle Standard Bearer and unit of Dark Elf warriors charge  Jeff's block of Wood Elf
archers. Unfortunately, the archer block routed and got cut down at the last turn of the game

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