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Thugs of the Blue Serpent Clan

Author: Anthony B
Blog: The Lead Collector
Post: Thugs of the Blue Serpent Clan

Many turn to chaos as an easy road to power. Few travel along that road very far, for the perils of insanity, mutation or death in the name of their god often claim their lives before long. Meanwhile  the chaos gods laugh at the weakness of man and the inevitability of his demise. The Clan of the Blue Serpent hail from the depths of the Chaos Wastes. They are diverse in heritage, but are united by their worship of one of the lesser chaos deities - the Serpent god. Myth has it that the Great Blue Serpent has laid dormant beneath the surface of the earth since the beginning of time. It will only awaken when sufficient sacrifices have been made in the name of death and destruction, and at such a time it will engulf and consume the world in its entirety. The Clan members now number in their thousands, and have made it their life's sacred mission to slay in the name of their deity. There can be no greater glory than dying in the name of their almighty god before the world is consumed at the end of time.  

This is a post I originally made over at the Old World Army Challenge. It was my monthly pledge for December (the second month of the 6-month challenge to paint a 1000-point army) 

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