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Oldhammer in the Jerz

Author: Anthony B
Blog: The Lead Collector
Post: Oldhammer in the Jerz

Well, this past weekend was Oldhammer in the Jerz (in the New World) and it did not disappoint. Last year was my first Oldhammer event and was hosted in a games store in Ashburn, Virginia. I had such a good time that I promised myself that I'd be back the following year. This year's event was held at the Little Falls Lodge in New Jersey. The venue was great (thanks for Nigel Wood et al for organizing) and it had a very homely feel with plenty of gaming space.

I got to the event on Friday afternoon and there was already a gathering when I arrived. I met the gracious organizers as well as a few Oldhammer friends including Blue in VT. After some hanging around, one of the local gamers graciously set up a game of Space Crusade for us and explained how to play. What a blast! Very reminiscent of Space Hulk with the 3-dimensional terrain and blip counters. The mission involved a dreadnought who was tough as nails to kill. I swooped in at the last second to take the final wound off the monstrous machine. This scored me a bunch of points but not enough to win. It was great fun, though. 

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