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The Empire of Man

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Post: The Empire of Man

Okay, back to Mankind. Back to a forgotten desert planet on the very fringes of the Imperium of Man. 
Here's an Imperial Guard Jetbike. Lowriding as I don't see these things flying in the air unless they're assaulting.
Here a few righteous Imperial citizens of the Western Fringe Puritan Shrine.
A subhuman Squat space dwarf. This is a Wessex Panzerfauste dwarf from their WW2 fantasy line. I tried to paint him not like a german soldier but more colourful likethe old illustrations of squats.
In progress a gang of miners or smugglers. Two guys in civilian power armour. Armed with autoguns and pistols. I even used a RTB01 space marine head which is more or less equally sized as the Mordheim and Sentinel driver heads.
And old White Dwarf cover I'll loosely use as a starting point for my Imperial Guard platoon in progress.