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100% painted challenge - update

Author: Anthony B
Blog: The Lead Collector
Post: 100% painted challenge - update

Well, as I get ready to embark on another painting challenge (the Old World Army Challenge), I thought I'd take account of how I'm progressing with my "100% painted" project. This involves the (insane? unrealistic? ... pick your favorite adjective) goal of painting every miniatures in my collection. I gave myself 2 years to complete this task, although I am, unsurprisingly, well behind schedule. My 2 year deadline would have been July 2018 so I still have 9 months to go, although as you'll see below, I still have 43% of my collection unpainted.

My last accounting was done almost 1 year ago and, at that time, I had 52%of my models painted. With my latest math, my percentage has increased to 57% over this period, with an intentional focus on my Orcs and Goblins and OOP Chaos Warriors collection.

My goal with the Old World Challenge is to paint 80 of my OOP Chaos figures over the next 6 month period. This should be very doable (famous last words) and, during this period, I also intend to continue picking away at my unpainted Orc and Goblin collection which still has just short of 400 models unpainted.    

What have I learned so far? Well, I take pride in my painting and, like most people with real-world commitments, have a very finite time to paint. I find it hard to rush painting miniatures, which is why my progress has been slow. However, participation in this self-imposed project has greatly curtailed any frivolous miniature purchases. While I find it hard to bang out painted miniature after painted miniature, I can improve my odds of success by limiting my purchases and even selling off some models that I will realistically never paint.