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Deep Space Salvage Crew - New Recruits

Author: axiom
Blog: Magpie and Old Lead
Post: Deep Space Salvage Crew - New Recruits

Shortly after making my 5-strong Terminator stand-in salvage crew a few weeks ago, it was pointed out that my big robot was on too large a base. Not too large for the model, but too large for the 3D Space Hulk terrain they were going to be deployed on.

Rather than worry about wasted effort, I decided to embrace the opportunity of adding a couple more figures to the crew. Both of the new additions are slightly more exotic than the previous troopers, being an abhuman and an alien.

Irn-Bonce the squat is the very first space dwarf seen in 40k, hailing from the March 1987 releases. His rounded armour is a great match stylistically to the LE10 power armour troopers, and his weapon (later listed as a grenade launcher) could easily stand in as a heavy flamer / blast type weapon in Space Hulk.

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