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Meet Emrim

Author: Rab
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Post: Meet Emrim

Meet Emrim. For a dwarf (and a thief*) he's a good sort, and a fine shot to have alongside you in a fight. Not behind you, mind, he's not a perfect shot by any means.

This lovely old figure (not sure where he's in production now; Viking Forge? Alternative Armies?) will be my ten year old's character in our Western Lands campaign using the early D&D retroclone ruleset, Basic Fantasy RPG, which is my go-to set for this kind of thing. So far we've gamed solely with paper, pencil, eraser, and imagination, but I think it might respark their interest to have some representational figures and a gridded mat for key encounters.

I'm not planning on handing the figure over yet. Apart from anything else he needs varnishing and a couple of foliage bits on the base. The main reason is that I have a vague plan to make one if those "deluxe" gaming boxes that look like a book but contain a dice box with pencil, dice, and figure storage. We'll see.

Thirty-one figures painted this year now, if you include 10mm figures; seventeen of them since late August!

*He prefers "investigator"