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Citadel Giant Scorpion

Author: Mutant Dale
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Post: Citadel Giant Scorpion

Okay this mini is a bit special for me.

Ever since I started playing Warhammer in the early 90s I always thought the giant scorpion mini was awesome.
I only ever saw him in blisters on the shelf and for some reason never bought one. I was way too distracted playing my Undead army at the time which didn't really need him.

As a result eventually he left the shelves and then disappeared from mail order and I never owned one..

Until now....

I can honestly say this is on my top 10 favourite minis list and I am very pleased to have finally got him.
I assembled him within an hour of getting him and he will be painted within the next few weeks once I A) finish painting flesh tearers
B) decide which scorpion from the real world I want to base the colour scheme on.

but for now here he is in his leaden glory..