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Gristletooth boosts his ranks

Author: Anthony B
Blog: The Lead Collector
Post: Gristletooth boosts his ranks

" 'Ere 'e comes," shouted one of the night goblin spearmen, with an equal measure of envy and fear in his voice. A few feet away, a diminutive figure shoved and clobbered all those standing in his way. His bodyguard were too busy avoiding their boss's swinging weapons and foul temper to call order to the surrounding rabble. In times of battle, the night goblins followed Gristletooth more out of fear of his wrath than anything else. Gristletooth knew this, and besides bringing order he also knew that potential usurpers would think twice before trying to stab him in the back. Ironically, the numbers of his followers grew and grew as tales of his feats drew night goblins from every nook and cranny of the Mountains of Mourn. A fair few orcs were also drawn to the din of war, and the promises of glory and plunder were enough to convince them that temporarily following a measly goblin was worth it...for the moment at least.

I bring you the bolstered ranks of Gristletooth. Nothing groundbreaking in the painting technique department, although the struggle with these guys is more a mental one (painting ranks and ranks of foot troops). Luckily, I love the Kev Adams sculpts, which makes the torture a little more bearable.

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