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Blue's Modular Table Part VIII Finishing Touches

Author: Blue in VT
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Post: Blue's Modular Table Part VIII Finishing Touches

Well...Time to get back to my Modular table tiles.  I've been holding onto this one for a while waiting for some computer issues to resolve themselves...and while they haven't really I will just make do with the crap ass computer I'm still dealing with.

Anyway...if you will recall my last blog post about the modular table tiles I was pretty much done...all the rough terrain had been painted and highlighted...and then further enhanced with static grass and tufts where appropriate.  After that I really had two major tasks to complete....
  1. Repair work:  As I was finishing up work on a couple of the tiles I noticed some areas that needed additional attention for them to be considered finished.  More details on these below
  2. Water Feature:  I also needed to suck it up and tackle the two-part resin pour for my water feature.
Repair Work

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