Post Thu May 21, 2020 5:00 pm

Footsore Miniatures & Fireforge Games: The Barons' War - Lio

Author: Chico Danks
Blog: Oldhammer on a Budget
Post: Footsore Miniatures & Fireforge Games: The Barons' War - Lion Rampant Project Pt.2

A little WIP post for you all to enjoy on your tod aka read when in the bathroom ;)

So while this project was going to be just solely Footsore Miniatures Barons' War range I've decided that after looking though my unloved and abandoned project hobby draws I'd use up what I got going spare and in this case it's a bunch of Fireforge Games plastic Mounted Knights.

Now I ain't really a big fan of plastic and tend to not bother with it at all if it can be helped (No doubt why it ended up in my abandoned draws to start with).

But these are not too bad honestly and it helped me that they were semi-put together (Just had to find a few lost heads, a odd arm and a some bases).