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Strontium Dogs - Evans the Fist

Author: axiom
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Post: Strontium Dogs - Evans the Fist

Whilst most of the now OOP Wargames Foundry 2000AD range are too large to work comfortably alongside Citadel's earlier range, there are a couple that are just about scale-compatible. Like Torso from the last post, Evans the Fist fits in with my other Strontium Dogs. Plus the grumpy looking sod is a cool sculpt!

Evans the Fist tracks down Mad Jack and Hilly Bill.

I gave Evans another simple comic-styled paint job based on a coloured image I found on Comic Vine. Like other Strontium Dog characters, there's no real consistency in costume configuration or colours - Evans is shown in khaki or lime green or blue and white, or this natty grey and terracotta.
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