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Rogue Trader scenario

Recently I came across a great micro-story in the Book of the Astronomican. Here it is in full:
The 'thopter was a local model, ancient and oisy, the dull beat of its engines drowning any attempt at conversation. Dr Moenkhaus gestured to the ground.

'That', he said 'is the main logging zone. You can see the loggernauts if you look closely'.
Inquisitor Cynole peered from the cabin window. Far below he could make out the brown patches where the forest had been cleared. Pinpricks of black betrayed the presence of the giant machines.

'How far are we from the place?', he asked.

'About twenty miles. It's impassable overland of course, but only a few minutes in a 'thopter'.

Impassable - Cynole thought - how ready this doctor was to dismiss possibilities. Moenkhaus was either a fool or trying to conceal something.

It made me think what a great idea for a scenario. What is the Inquisitor investigating? What is the 'place'? What is the mysterious doctor's secret? A game that was a sort of Cluedo meets 40K, and that got me thinking too.

Inquisitor Green realised there was only one explanation - it must have been Servitor White in the Librarium with the Power Axe. He must confront her immediately.

They rounded the corner to find the way barred by Colonel Mustard's household troops. At his side he heard the whine of motors as Tech-Priest Plum switched his servo-skeleton to 'Frenzied Assault' mode. Conflict seemed inevitable.

There was a metallic click at his ear, and Green found himself looking down the levelled barrel of Sister Scarlet's bolt pistol.

'Your trouble, my dear Inquisitor, is that you are far too predictable'.