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RT/2nd ed. Encounter on the perimeter

This is intended for Rogue Trader but if you import a few bits, it could run in 2nd edition too. The forces could be split up between multiple players without too much trouble.

During the battles on Archimedes IV, Imperial orbital ships fired several drop pods on the planet, loaded with supplies and ammunition, to assist the Imperial defenders.

One of these pods has landed near Ork lines and an Ork looting party has set out to acquire the goods.

Ork forces

One mob of 10 aggro ork boys. Bolt pistols, axes and frag bombs. Led by a nob with 'eavy armour (power armour in RT), plasma pistol and a power fist.

One mob of 10 shooty ork boys. Bolt guns, a missile launcher and led by a nob in armour, toting a heavy stub gun.

Two ork bosses. These have armour and each carry a kustom weapon rolled at random, plus a random bionik bit. (2nd edition players will need to either use the RT tables or just draw random ork wargear cards).
Each boss also has a suitable close combat weapon. Whatever the model is carrying is fine.

One mob of 14 gretchin with autoguns. (use 2nd ed autogun stats, so 24" range and no save mod). If the mob is reduced to half strength or below, or breaks/routs, it can be scattered. Remove the models and next turn, a new mob comes unto the table from the ork players table edge. Every time this happens, reduce the mob by 2 figures.
If both ork mobs are broken/routed, no more grots dare come unto the table.

Imperial forces:

2 squads of space marines. 10 men each, flamer, missile launcher, sergeant with a chainsword. May split into 5 man squads as normal.

Space marine lieutenant (minor hero stats). Plasma pistol and chain sword. refractor field.

Space marine medic (champion with med-pack. Use the RT rules for battlefield medics from the Compendium)

Planetary defence force (10 soldiers with lasguns, 1 grenade launcher, use Guard stats)

Local tracker. A gnarly old man in a floppy Steve Irvin hat. Human minor hero. Has an old hunting rifle. Stats as a bolt gun but if he rolls a 6 to hit, the shot wounds automatically.


The loot is placed in the middle of the table with both sides racing to seize it. Having a model in contact with the loot for 2 turns, while no enemies are within 8" will claim the loot and win the game.
Alternatively simply fight it out until one side is decisively beaten.
You may wonder if old or new 40K is better.
Ask yourself:

Did Bolt Thrower write about Rogue Trader or 7th edition?