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The Baxta 1 Amasec Distillery on Planet Yx

Hi folks! Here's a scenario I wrote for a game with Jonas and I. The scenario is meant for 2nd ed Warhammer 40k, and as such has points values... but we didn't really follow them tightly when we played it.


The situation started with an alarm call from the colony Baxta 1 on Yx dated 847.M41/132
Colonist claimed that Orks had overrun their settlement and taken hold in the
settlements amasec producing facilities.
Amasec is of vital importance in this sector as it is the main channeling substance for Imperial righteousness and belief.

Inquisitor Gar and a retinue of Space Marines was sent to the planet to investigate.

The initial report of the Inquisitor is represeneted below.

+++Incomplete Report from Inquisitor Gar, planet Yx, the Coldburn Sector+++
Date 847.M41/244

Snippet is missing due to intersystem E-field disturbances.

"...The colonists have therefore decided to flee the settlement. Production of amasec has completely ceased. The production must be restored before riots ensue. The Orks present in the settlement seem to hail to the Warlord called Batshit. An assault has been prepared for 847.M41/300 which is the annual Ork shooting festivity. They Orks should be drunk by then."

+++Report ends+++

Setup: 6'*4' table. The Orks have just been having a terrific time doing a shooting contest (live targets of course!) south of the Hell City and just as they head back to drink some more amasec the marines arrive from the north. 5 crates of amasec is deployed in the amasec facility.

Deployment zones: 12'' in from the long table edge, but 12'' from away from the narrow edges.

Terrain: A vast desert scape with death world cactii and post apocalyptic shanty buildings. The amasec facility is located in the middle of the board.

Forces: 2000 pts, Orks and Marines. Allies allowed. Orks should not use too much advanced machinery (whatever that might be) as they're all drunk. And no precision weapons. The marines shouldn't have vehicles as they're in hiding and so on.

Marines: Primary. Secure the amasec facility (5VP). Secondary: Get the drunken Orks out of town! (1 VP for each completely destroyed/off board Ork unit)

Orks: Primary: Secure da amasec krates! (1 VP pr crate with an Ork unit at the end of the game). It takes two Orks to carry a crate. THese can do nothing else.
Secondary objective: Show some shoota skills! For each 3 marines killed with shooting. 1 VP

No other VP are awarded.

Special Rules: Drunken Orks. The Orks have been drinking and shooting all day. Before movement each turn roll 1d6 for each Ork unit. On a 1 the unit will move 2d6 in a random direction. If it is a vehicle check for collision.
If it brings it into contact with an enemy unit it counts as charged.
Affected drunken units (those that rolled a 1) ignore all psychology rules for the turn they're affected.