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Re: Stripping Figures

Got a question about the Dettol;

I live in the they have different Dettol here it seems, what I found is this ;

Dettol Chloorxylenol 48mg 500ML

is that the same as the Dettol that is used in the UK ?
the thing is that they seems to sue other packaging here i.e. in white bottles/packaging.

thanks for helping out :)


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Re: Stripping Figures

So I have tried both the Wilko paint stripper and Dettol and I must admit Dettol has so far given the best results, some miniatures have needed several soaking sessions but the paint has been on for around 30 years!

Not sure if the Dettol differs from that in the Netherlands but the bottle I purchased also says chloroxylenol so they are probably the same.
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Re: Stripping Figures

Thanks Returning,

ok then, I will def give it a try, cheers :) !

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Re: Stripping Figures

He always rinses with water before using fairy liquid and turns the half dissolved paint into a sticky this acca bet
 mess. Always scrub with detergent before water gets anywhere near.
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Re: Stripping Figures

I've used the wilko stripper on a few things now. Old RT beakies, plastic of the white and of the green type and it makes them go brittle and break, soft but not slimy soft surface. I don't really recommend it. I know others on here have used it to good effect but -shrugs- not me. I also stupidly used it on £20 worth of resin which it just turned it to cake icing. My own fault on that. I'm still an advocate for biostrip 20. It is expensive but I've used it on everything bar resin and its always done its job with no issues, gentle on the minis, all kinds of plastic, safe on the hands and can be washed down the sink.

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