Man-mangler shield help

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Man-mangler shield help

So as the title says I need some help with the shields for man-mangler in particular the noses and as you guys helped with the rope I'm hoping for the same again ! In case your unaware here's what I'm talking about


So I have the shields ready but cannot get the noses right due to my lack of skills. So any ideas ? One thing is I definitely need the shields to be removable at this stage so I can paint the faces on them, so I'm thinking clingfilm over the spike before making the nose. At this point I'd be willing to try anything you can come up with as so far mine have been a complete disaster !
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Re: Man-mangler shield help

To sculpt the noses personally I'd use Magic Sculpt. Easy to worth with, not elastic/memory spring like Green stuff AND you can use a wet paint brush to smooth it OR mix it with water to make a slurry to fill gaps. It works and feels like clay and sticks very well to a flat surface. Should be easy enough to stick a blob on, pinch it into shape then when its started to go off use a damp paint brush to finesse the shape you want.
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Re: Man-mangler shield help

I seem to remember this being difficult from mine. I think the spikes on mine appeared bigger than those on the box photo, and that made it hard to get the nostrils close enough together. I think you may need to cut spikes away a bit where nostrils go, stick the shields on and then sculpt nostrils. Shields are easy to get to, so could be painted in situ
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Re: Man-mangler shield help

I don't know if this would work, since I don't have one myself, but here is my suggestion:

I would attach a cone-shaped piece of GreenStuff to a shield, then moisten* both the spike and the backside of the GS cone, and then very gently "attach" the shield to the spike without using any glue, then try and shape the cone of GS so that it gets shaped more like a nose and let it cure. When it has cured, remove the shield from the spike and then add the nostrils. These I would make by adding two balls of GS and then gently make the hollow shape of the nostrils with a tool like this: ... 0862146565

*) So far, I have only used water when moistening GreenStuff, but in this case I think vaseline would be better to keep the shield detachable.

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