Kitbash grav tank/Rogue trader revisited

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Kitbash grav tank/Rogue trader revisited

Has any built a grav-attack lately? Or ever? I'm thinking of starting a Adeptus custodes force for rogue trader and like the idea of the custodes making heavy use of that tech. I'm going to compose the force of 3 elements. Custodes on foot, custodes on jet bikes, and custodes grav-tank. I wantusethe old deodorant grav-tank concept but updated using the forge world models as insipation. I want to know your thoughts on the original, rules that you liked or didn't, and any ideas you have. I love a good Kitbash. I'm actually better at that then assembling the kit as standard. I will post some wip pics and feelnfree to reply with any pics you may have. Thanks.
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Re: Kitbash grav tank/Rogue trader revisited

Chiming in to say that’s a great concept for a force I haven’t seen done before. Should look great.

I don’t have any suggestions of substance. Never been much of a vehicle guy and only do the most basic conversions myself.

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Re: Kitbash grav tank/Rogue trader revisited

Someone has made some nice grav tanks using an old computer mouse which looked really good:


The blog post about 'em is here: ... -free.html
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Re: Kitbash grav tank/Rogue trader revisited

The computer mouse grav tanks look splendid! Some years ago, my younger brother sanded down carefully sawed-out wooden blocks for the basic shape of one tread tank and three futuristic grav tanks. He is very skilled at such fine machine-sanding of wood, yet the project has not moved beyond this stage since. The plan is to spruce up the blocks with various complex details, and a simpler detailing work familiar from Rogue Trader days would undeniabaly speed up the process and make completion more probable.

Looking forward to WIPs here!
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Re: Kitbash grav tank/Rogue trader revisited

LIke the idea and the mouse based ones. I actually built a deodorant grav tank from White Dwarf for my son as I'd been building and converting them from when I was his age no photos I'm afraid !

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