Warcolours nostalgia '88 paints

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Warcolours nostalgia '88 paints

I impulse-purchased the entire nostalgia '88 range recently and I am pleasantly surprised at how bright and vibrant the titillating pink is in the set. From reading the realmofchaos blog I know that it is hard to find an equivalent colour to old citadel titillating pink. Having not had the means or the money to indulge this hobby until fairly recently and thus being a bit of an oldhammer poseur, I was hoping someone could tell me how the warcolours titillating pink compares to the original stuff.

As an aside, were any painting guides for the heroquest miniatures ever published in books / white dwarfs of the period? I would love to follow along with a Mike McVey guide and paint my gargoyle the way it looks on the back of the manual (or as close as I can get with my current skill level). :D
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Re: Warcolours nostalgia '88 paints

There was a guide in the Marvel Heroquest Special (Paint your wagon, er, orc!), but it was largely Advanced Heroquest minis.
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Warcolours nostalgia '88 paints

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Re: Warcolours nostalgia '88 paints

First time I hear about this. very interesting, as both my pink and bilious green are ruined.

So do bilious green and titilating pink really smell like the original? I'd but it alone for the scent-evoked nostalgia.
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Re: Warcolours nostalgia '88 paints

Bilious green. Sweet memories... I swear WFB increased not only my maths but also my vocab.

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