Bugmans Dwarf Shields

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Bugmans Dwarf Shields

I wonder if someone has a print template for bugmans dwarf rangers (2nd version) shields
available to share ? Someone who already done a unit. maybe the banner too


Thanks in advance
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Re: Bugmans Dwarf Shields

I would be happy to help you, but unfortunately I don;t have any templates. Hopefully, you will find something appropriate!
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Re: Bugmans Dwarf Shields

I think the banner could be cut out of the box, but not the shields. I could be wrong there. Couldn't you use Photoshop and the box photo to make your own?
They are almost square on, and Photoshop could more or less distort them back to circular.
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Re: Bugmans Dwarf Shields

Shield from box is almost perfectly round. I have widened it a little to make it circular and sized appropriately:
shield.jpg (15.06 KiB) Viewed 137 times

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Re: Bugmans Dwarf Shields

good work, fimm. now to find a reasonably priced box of bugman's rangers!
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