[8-5-17] Willmark's Dark Elf Army Blog- Project Rebirth

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Re: [8-5-17] Willmark's Dark Elf Army Blog- Project Rebirth

They are looking very good. I love the war altar as well
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Re: [8-5-17] Willmark's Dark Elf Army Blog- Project Rebirth

Many thanks.

I've worked on them quite a bit this week. I also scored a dark elf repeating bolt thrower for $12! I might have them finished this weekend.

And got 2 more glade guard models for my wood elves do they might get painted soon. I like these models better than the 3rd edition wood elf warriors, plus I use the actual 3rd edition wood elf warrior minis in my wardancer units anyways.

Another possibility is my unit of 20 hobgoblins pictured on the previous page. Not sure I want to paint more green after ten years of my Chaos dwarf Army.

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