So, How Do You Play?

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So, How Do You Play?

I'm not sure if this is the right section of the forum (I couldn't find a "General Discussion" board). How do you play Oldhammer? Do you use points, do you dream up odd scenarios or play out campaigns on a map? Or do you fight quick little skirmishes with 500 point warbands in tournament-style? I quite like and appreciate the WFB3 recommendation to throw away point values in friendly games. How do you prefer to get about conquering your opponents?
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Re: So, How Do You Play?

So far I've been following the old scenarios like Orc's Drift and am currently working on a reworkling of the Magnificent Sven.

Here's a fewI've cobbled together in a similar vein.
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Re: So, How Do You Play?

I use the point system as a guideline but I don't design my armies to the 1/2 point...I ball park it just o insure that the forces aren't totally incompatible. That said I modify the forces to meet the tactical situation...for example defending forces are small than attacking forces in most cases...and I shape them to fit the figures that I have at hand. In the end I'm looking for a fun scenario driven game that is enjoyable for both sides and fits with the models I have on hand.


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Re: So, How Do You Play?

I try to use only what I have got fully painted and based .... regardless of balance and points.
This encourages me to paint up the next unit for an army.
I often combine smaller forces of good guys or bad guys to get some sort of balance where I have more painted of one army than another. But then I think nothing of playing a scenario where one unit trys to hold out against a mighty horde for as long as possible.

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Re: So, How Do You Play?

Creating odd scenarios with generally points balanced forces.
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Re: So, How Do You Play?

THe GM tells you want to bring, and you sort of adhere to it but then just turn up with your fav models and have a game! Dont take any stupid cheating stuff and only have stupid over-powered tricksy magic items if the GM specifically tells you to have them as part of the scenario (stuff like "banner of plus 1" or "dispel scroll" or "sword of hitting a bit stronger" are not considered stupid cheating magic items, so maybe take 1 or 2 of them in your force for a bit of spice).

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Re: So, How Do You Play?

With the lack of "community structure" that accompanies the latest GW edition of well, anything, I would heartily recommend that the host provide the structure for both sides [if not all the figures], the scenario, any rules interpretations, etc. Then keep the game under 2 hours to enable a reply with everyone switching sides.

Generally speaking, keeping it simple for a scenario seems best.
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Re: So, How Do You Play?

Last game I played was just a strait points game.

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