Manoeuvres and Formations

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Manoeuvres and Formations

Hope this isn't a bit too backward in approach as we haven't firmed up any rules for basic movement but the formations and manoeuvring was always a part of 3rd ed I really enjoyed.

Here's a few ideas/rehashes


Manoeuvres come in two classes - basic and complex
Complex manoeuvres always require a successful Ds (Discipline) test and may not be attempted if the unit has no commander or it has already performed a simple manoeuvre - if this is failed the unit stops all movement and falls into disarray. It must spend the next turn to reform itself.
Units may make up to three basic manoeuvres each turn during the movement or reserve phase.
The first basic manoeuvre does not require a Ds test. The second manoeuvre does and if successful a third manoeuvre may be attempted, also requiring a successful Ds test.

Multiple manoeuvres may not be attempted if:
The unit is in rough or very rough ground.
The unit is hampered by some kind of obstruction - other units, walls, rivers, etc.

Basic manoeuvres include:
Increasing or decreasing the frontage of a unit by up to four models
Changing the facing of the unit by up to 180 degrees
Wheeling up to 90 degrees from either the right or left hand marker
Formation changes listed as simple manoeuvres below

Complex Manoeuvres include:
Wheeling while retreating
Wheeling from the centre
Formation changes listed as complex manoeuvres below


Line - maximise number of missile troops who can fire. No rank bonus - panic test if pushed back. Basic manoeuvre.

Column - maneuvrable - ½ movement penalties for difficult/very difficult ground. Must change frontage if engaged in combat. Basic manoeuvre.

Hollow Square - Any infantry types - can’t be pushed back or follow up. No panic test if charged in rear or side. Complex maneuver - Ld test required

Schiltron - spear and shield armed troops - +1 saving throw V. cavalry, + 1 to hit V. cavalry
Basic manoeuvre to form. Unit forms a solid square or circle. If the unit wishes to move in formation a successful Ds test is required. If failed whilst moving lose bonus

Shield wall - front rank lock shields - +1 saving throw but cannot move. Shieldwall is lost if unit forced to move - push back, rout, follow up, etc. Basic manoeuvre.

Phalanx - Solid square/rectangle of spear, pike or halberd armed infantry. +1 to combat resolution, denies charge bonus to cavalry. Pushes back on a drawn combat. Basic manoeuvre to form but unit must take successfu Ds test to retain formation during combat.

Swap ranks - Units of mixed troop types - Example, archers step forward into front rank to fire while spearmen form up behind them. Basic maneuver if stationary, take Ds test if moved that turn. Alternatively archers may be deployed in equal blocks on the flanks of the min block of spearmen.

Armadillo - Troops with shields - complex maneuver - troops lock shields into a protective shell - +2 saving throw against ranged attacks, 1/2 speed. Must be abandoned if engaged in close combat.

Archer Wedge - Basic manoeuvre - form a wedge to enable more troops to fire from a narrow space. Cannot move other than wheel. Must form ranks if charged.

Cavalry Wedge - basic manoeuvre whilst charging. If also attempting a wheel must take Ld test. All models on the outside of the wedge get to attack. If the wedge wins the combatt, the enemy unit has been penetrated and must take a rout test. If the wedge loses they must take a rout test. If the combat is a draw the wedge forms up as normal.

Parting Shot - Mounted archers who have declared this basic maneuvre may move (out of sequence) away from their target after shooting. This is additional to the reserve/march move

Cantabrian Circle - Mounted archers declare this basic manoeuvre in movement phase - form a loose circle. Archers ignore -1 to hit on ranged attacks whilst moving to represent the increased rate of concentrated fire that looping round continuously in a circle confers. If charged they must take an immediate panic test.

Volley Fire - Archers only - basic manoeuvre - Space ranks out so there is a ½ inch/3cm gap between them. This enables all archers to fire in a volley at an area on the battlefield. For ever 5 archers roll 2 D6 (rounding up or down to the nearest 5) to see how many hits have been scored. Work out damage as normal. Archer units performing this manoeuvre may not move on that turn. If charged and pushed back they must make a panic test.

What do you think - anything I've missed or is over/under powered?

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Re: Manoeuvres and Formations

Looking really good.

Perhaps include Charging, Marching (normal movement) and Force-Marching (double movement / lose reserve move) as Basic Manoeuvres types?

Would Skirmishing also be a Formation (available only to skirmishers)?

Skirmishing Formation
Troops must remain within twice the base size of each other.
Under Missile fire, attackers to Strike -1
Half all movement penalties for terrain.
Do not need to perform manouvers, move as individuals.
Must evade if charged, unless charged by other skirmishing Troops, or a unit a quarter it's size.
+1 initiative.

Terrain types (rough/soft/slopes/swamp/obstacles) and associated movement penalties could be dealt with in a separate 'terrain' section.
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Re: Manoeuvres and Formations

Cheers Zhu - yep add in charging/ marching and force-marching.

Knew I'd forgotten something with the skirmishers!

Edit - now added in - ... iYT0Y/edit
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Re: Manoeuvres and Formations

Maneuvers, What about using the unit leader as the key mechanic, if you want to maneuver to change direction, just move unit leader that way through the unit and then turn unit and a line up. It works the same way, just faster, and less hassle.
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