Combat calculations.

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Combat calculations.

Missile fire

To target =7-T

Where T= Shooters Target

Now add modifiers.

To Strike = (DM-AM+KAOS)/2

Where: DM=Defenders Melee and AM=Attackers Melee
Kaos=10 when DM and AM are both either odd or even, 9 when not.

Now add modifiers.

To damage = S-B+4

Where: S is targets Sinew.
B is attackers Brawn
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Re: Combat calculations.

Spot on - good work Erny.

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Re: Combat calculations.

Really cool.

I think this line got missed from the To Strike section:

to Strike numbers over 6 require a first roll of a 6 followed by a roll of 3 - to strike value.

1 is always a miss.
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