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Blood World

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Re: Blood World

I have been thinking about what to do with Blood World... I really like the idea that the world and background develops as people play and that invented characters (like Grommel) can be the heroes of some of these games. Over the next few days I intend to publish some background that should help us all contribute, heavily inspired by Moorcock's multiverse as well as the weight of history itself!

I think less is best and then let others take it from there and just see what happens.

More soon!

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Re: Blood World

I agree, we only need to know what we need to know, if you take my meaning. That and organic development is usually more thorough and consistent.
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Re: Blood World

Did you see JustJohn's suggestion back on the Oldhammer blog?

Nice idea -

I don't know how many of you are familiar with all the 18th century 'imaginations' that are out there in the blogosphere. Basically each wargamer has created there own pair of opposing duchys or principalities around the time of the Seven Years War (mid 1700's). The level of detail is down to the individual but most create their own maps, uniforms and regiments - sometimes based on historical ones other times entirely of their own making. There is one blog 'Emperor vs Elector' ( that gathers the individual blogs together and makes announcement of general interest to the site's followers. Personaly I think that is the best way forward - with this Oldhammer blog acting as our version of the Emperor vs Elector. What does anyone else think?

Be nice to use your map as a basis, Orlygg.

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Re: Blood World

I do like the the idea of each player creating their own small kingdom or territory and it all getting compiled!

It would allow for some really individual and more importantly characterful locations for folks to take inspiration from and would possibly even make a more interesting and realistic setting too as each persons kingdom would be different.

It would be nice to see how confederations formed and back stabbing took place as each players armies fought it out too and would in it's own way make for an interesting narrative!

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Re: Blood World

I like where this is going, with the world being emergent from the scenarios people write and the armies people develop, rather than trying to force the games into a predefined world.

Orlygg - the moorcockian multiverse idea is great, really lends itself to flexible creations.
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Re: Blood World

So, instead of national armies and the like instead we'll wind up with cultural troop choices based on a broader civilization? Like how Prussians and Bohemians are still Germans when you get right down to it? Or am I missing the point here?
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Re: Blood World

Hi Gavin,
the idea that I suggested about everyone creating their own duchy/principality works more along the these lines. Lets say that I am collecting forces for both orcs and humans and I want to create a bit of a back story to add spice. I create a map showing the area over which the conflict takes place marking mountains, rivers hills and then the strongholds, towns & villages for both sides. I could then decide that a heavily forested are has an elven population and that Skaven can pop up anywhere if I want to collect them later and add aliies to the mix. This way I can have all the races I want fighting away to their hearts content in my 'land' and building a narrative history along the way.

What happens in my, or anyone's, campaign doesn't affect the 'world' at large. More importantly just because, for example, orcs are located in one corner of a world map it doesn't mean I can't have an orc horde permanently living alongside my humans, dwarves etc.

Rather than viewing it along lines of cultural or nationalistic lines think more how Europe was during the Renaissance with large numbers of small duchies, principalities and small kingdoms owing allegiance to an individual king (or pope) as a result of military conquest, alliance through marriage or geographic proximity.

Hopefully that has answered some of your queries

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Re: Blood World

That would work really well - it allows us all to create our own principalities plus if we get round to meeting up here and there for games we'd have a bit of a choice as to which army we were "invading" with. Could lead to some great narratives.

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Re: Blood World

Aaah, I'm a bit more onboard with that now. At first I was a little worried that the propsal would dilute armies down, make them all bland and samey.

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