The Bitzbox Warband Challenge

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Re: The Bitzbox Warband Challenge

Awesome, more warbands :)

Your big guy is weird and wonderful Inchmurrin. Pretty sure I've never seen the combination of big guy + cape before, it's a winner. Bodybuilder Dracula sort of guy, terrifying :D The bits box approach has merit! His 'come at me bro' stance and evil stare is pretty indimating too.

I love this thread :D
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Re: The Bitzbox Warband Challenge

That's a nice conversion, inchmurrin! He looks really sinister, and the dark colours suit him very well.
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Re: The Bitzbox Warband Challenge

Thanks both I was going for hard man scary rather than anything psycho.
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Re: The Bitzbox Warband Challenge

I just picked up a box of mixed miniatures, 50$cad for an amazing 378 miniatures! Took me 4 hours sorting through the whole thing. Dust tactic and Anima tactics units, Chronopia warband, hero quest empire troops, Helldorado miniatures… and of interest for this thread, 40 mantic zombies, 30 unpainted plastic skavens, an ogre gorger, plastic orcs, squigs, nurglings, plaguebearers, chaos warriors, dark elves, a bunch of werewolfs/canine beast from many manufacturers and so on!

Bottom line is, I am up to this challenge and Khorne will be pleased!
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