[MUSTER] Velok’s Tzeentch recruiters

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[MUSTER] Velok’s Tzeentch recruiters

Hello Oldhammerers!
The voting is not yet over on the Chaos Warband Challenge that I already have plans of expansion.
First I simply wanted to complete the units from the challenge so I do not end up, for exemple, with 2 chaos dwarfs laying in a box for 5 more years while all the others are painted in the same color scheme.

Yesterday I ended up going systematically through all of my boxes in search of "unassigned" miniatures which shall fall under Velok's command.
My objective is to be done by the end of 2014.

Et à ce j'ajouterai, santé!


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Re: [MUSTER] Velok’s Tzeentch recruiters

Ill pm you my address i recon you dont need those chaos dwarf contraptions heh!
On a serious note , im looking forward till you throw some paint on those extra thing i love the colour scheme of the warband.

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