Legacy project 2018 sign up

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Legacy project 2018 sign up

So it looks like we are we doing something this year too! I can act as the organizer if no one else wants the job?

The theme for year 2018 is "Camp followers of the grand alliance of good". I.e. very much like the chaos villagers of 2016 but now with the good guys (and girls).

I don´t think we need a common color or anything like that as camp followers tend to be a pretty mixed group of people/creatures.
I say anything goes as long as it somehow fits with the general theme. I´ll be doing a model or two myself but won´t participate in the winner draw.

Reply in this thread if you are in!


vonkortez - a model or two of something TBD
Fimm McCool
Lord Chaotl Oml
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Re: Legacy 2018?

That sounds good. Should be easy to lay hands on an appropriate model too. I will try to actually follow through on this one!
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Re: Legacy 2018?

I'm for it, definitely fantasy and why not the "good" guys - thinks haven't painted a sneaky thief in a while?
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Re: Legacy 2018?

Sounds like a good theme. I might be able to submit something to that.

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Re: Legacy 2018?

yeah, count me in :)

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Re: Legacy 2018?

Sounds good to me. I'll play.
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Re: Legacy project 2018 sign up

I´d like to join in too.

Hope to get it done in time this year :lol:

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