OGRE Cambridge City Games Club Weekend Session

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OGRE Cambridge City Games Club Weekend Session

Hi guys,

I see that Cambridge City Games Club are planning to be open all day on 6th December (i.e. this Sunday). The last couple of times I've gone to these Sunday sessions I've had a lot of fun (the only reason I don't join the club is because work eliminates some weeknights and then family come first for the rest, hence I only really play on the weekends). Do any of the OGRE guys (or oldhammerers in general) see themselves getting into Cambridge on Sunday for a game of some sort? I'm up for most things.
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Re: OGRE Cambridge City Games Club Weekend Session

Well Oldhammer fun was had and it needs to be noted that Gnomes are a much underrated fighting forces as some chaos marauders discovered to their cost...but also they didn't stop big bird (or a Lord of Change as it's also known) from appearing and wreaking Albion
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