Knavecon Scenario

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Re: Knavecon Scenario

Just John wrote:We had a blast and I'm looking forward to doing it all again. Great work lads, all that playtesting we did before hand really showed on the day :lol:

The inability to fully playtest something like this is common: opportunities to get properly stuck in to luxuries like playtesting are rare for most people. I think you have to be sensible and not overreach.

I think the fact that the day went well was a testament to the sound decisions that you guys made about the scenario based on prior experience. Its easy to plan something unrealistically large/complex and watch it crash and burn on the day. Its hard to plan something more realistic, stick to your guns and then watch it come together instead (this excludes last minute sheep).

Just John wrote:Oh and at this point I'd like to thank Erny who helped with the buildings of Conflagration-on-Sea

Good stuff Erny! The game simply wouldnt have worked without them.
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Re: Knavecon Scenario

Indeed,my biggest worry was that the players wouldn't be able to achieve their goals in the given time but we had it almost right and a little adjustment to the movement rates on the day solved that. Definitely the jey is to keep it simple.

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