Er. GOOF. I guess.

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Re: Er. GOOF. I guess.

mubo wrote:I know it's a way off, but what abut Friday 2nd June?

It's not that far off - or at least it's rapidly approaching...!

I can't do this coming Friday, or 16th June, but otherwise I'm fairly free.

Paul D / Gaj - how about you chaps?

Paul B
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Re: Er. GOOF. I guess.

If you chaps are available? I will plan accordingly :D

Paul / Golgfag1
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Re: Er. GOOF. I guess.

Golgfag1 wrote:If you chaps are available? I will plan accordingly :D

Paul / Golgfag1

Apologies the 2nd isn't looking so clever. How about the 9th? Fridays aren't the best for me.

Or if we wanted to do a weekend/bank holiday I am free the 27/28th?

Or if people wouldn't mind coming to Oxford we could do: on a monday

Or ... -outriders on a Wednesday


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Re: Er. GOOF. I guess.

Hi chaps

Alas, I won't be available for either the 2nd or the 9th or the bank holiday, on account of being on holiday. I daresay I could do the one afterwards?



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