Post Thu Oct 03, 2013 1:08 pm

Forum Storage

When posting content such as files and images we recommend users link to external hosts. However, there's a downside in linking to external hosts. Links to external hosts can after a while end up being broken and broken links will eventually by cleaned up by the moderators. Nobody likes broken links, but sadly we don't have enough monkeys to monitor them all.

To prevent important content from being removed we've set-up a Dropbox account for the Oldhammer community. The Dropbox storage can be used by users to store non-personal content like, documentation, scenarios, battle reports, references, etc. This way the content will belong to the oldhammer community and stored on a central location.

When you want something stored in the Oldhammer Dropbox account just send a request to one of the administrators. The admin will process your request and reply with an URL, which you can use on the forum or on other websites.

The idea is to use the Dropbox storage only for non-personal content. This does not include pictures of your painted miniatures, naked goats, etc. Furthermore, the content will be uploaded in the public foder. This means everybody can browse through it and get an overview of all the content available.